Stock Photography

Gary has a growing list of outdoor images. His strengths are sea kayaking, kayak surfing, Northwest scenics, water birds and wildflowers. His clean, enticing imagery is a frequent backdrop for ads. Gary now has over 1400 images marketed by Danita Delimont Stock Photography, a specialist in travel and nature. View his images at Danita’s website by inserting Gary Luhm into the search box. Or contact Gary directly.

Gary has an FTP site for quick delivery of large files. He also uses HighTail and Dropbox. Digital image fees are based on use, with a $250 minimum. Inquiries welcome.

The full-frame Canon 5D Mark III and crop-frame Sony a6300 are Gary’s digital weapons. Both deliver exceptional images with low noise.


Gary is an enthusiastic speaker on outdoor photography, kayaking, bird watching, photo destinations and kayak destinations. Current programs include “Birding by Kayak”, “Find your Vision in Bird Photography”, “Alaska: Paddling the Great Sea”, “Ice on the Rocks: Glacier Bay”, “Kayak, Camera, Sea: Photography from a Kayak”, “Kayaking by Mothership”, “Kayaking by Mothership — in Baja” and “Isla Carmen: Baja Bucket List Adventure”.


Writing accomplishments include articles on photography, birding, kayak destinations, photo destinations and outdoor gear and camera reviews. Fees based on use.


Gary is available for photo or photo-journalist assignments, for a fee. He will also consider assignments on speculation if it matches his portfolio development.