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2016 Favorite Images              2017/01

Significantly for 2016, I purchased the cropped-frame Sony a6300 for backpacking, video and added reach in bird photography. I then discovered the image IQ was as good as my Canon 5D III at moderate ISO’s, so I used it preferentially

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Light Diffuser for Bird Set-ups              2016/10

On sunny summer days I sometimes carry a white, 42” circular light diffuser (16” folded) when photographing wildflowers. As the sweet morning light burns off–leaving a harsh-shadow sun–I turn to floral portraits with the light disc aid. The one I

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Lightning at Palouse Falls               2016/05

The flash of lightning greeted us as we emerged at dusk from a steep climb out of upper Palouse Canyon. My heart raced. Lightning isn’t unusual here, but this was a photo op not to be missed! I sped to

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Backpacking Photographer, Light-weight Supporting Camera Gear        2016/01

Light-weight ideas for tripod, camera case, filters and other tools of the backpacking photographer I researched switching to a mirrorless camera for backpacking recently, figuring the weight savings and comparable picture quality would make the switch from a Canon 5D

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Adventure Kayak Launch article, Fall/15: Olympic Peninsula

The Adventure Kayak Fall, ’15 issue is on-line. I wrote the Launch piece, on paddling the Olympic Peninsula. You can check it out on page 24:

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Night Sky Focusing ____ 2015/09

Like many photographers, I’ve had some difficulty photographing the night sky with my dSLR. Focusing the lens is an omnipresent concern. It’s dark as pitch when the Milky Way is out in all its glory. Autofocus doesn’t work. Looking through

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Patterns in Nature ___ 2015/08

Photographs of patterns in nature compel, soothe and mystify. Well-executed, they capture our attention. They trap our gaze, like Escher does, in endless loops. Examples are everywhere: bird flocks, butterfly wings, fish scales, animal hides, beach pebbles, snowflakes, bubbles in

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Creating Starbursts ____ 2015/07

Starbursts are light rays emanating from point light sources — from the sun, moon, streetlights, sunlit waterdrops or reflective surfaces. They are creative photographic elements that can enhance an image — adding drama to a dull sky, a focal point

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Lightroom 6 Panoramas ____ 2015/06

I enjoy creating panoramas, but I wasn’t excited about the new Adobe Lightroom 6 (and CC) Merge Panorama feature. I get great results from Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor), which creates pans from TIFs or JPGs at a quality better

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Seattle Visitor Guide, 2015

One of my photos made the cover of the 2015 Seattle Visitor Guide. Please check it out. Gary

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