“Hi Gary, let us tell you this – besides being truly gifted at what you do, and what you give to the world through your art and images, you are about the nicest person we’ve ever met. We are very humbled and honored by your coming with us and allowing us to work mutually with you. . . . ” Nancy Mertz Prichard, Owner,Sea Kayak Adventures, 1/7/09

“I just got an e-mail from Sea Kayak Adventures which referenced me to your recent Baja trip. Those are some fantastic shots. The best wildlife and trip pictures I have ever seen. Just amazing . . . . . I have been around some good photographers on some of my trips, but your Baja photos beat anything . . .” Elston Hill, 12/3/2008

“I was blown away by the image on the cover of this months (Oct. ’08) Sea Kayaker magazine! I think it is the best sea kayaking image I’ve ever seen! Great shot!” Stephen C. Wood, 8/28/08

“We’ve gotten so much exposure thanks to your images, we can’t repay you ever!” Marta Miller, Kokatat, by e-mail, 5/27/08

“You’re giving Galen Rowell a run for his money.” Chris Cunningham, Editor, Sea Kayaker magazine, by e-mail, 10/14/2010, in a response to Washington’s Alpine Lakes Wilderness Enchantment photos.

“I recently got the 5D mark iii. I’m starting to do more sports photography. Yours is absolutely the most practical and informative and understandable article I have read explaining the auto-focus system. Much better than Canon! And I don’t even do birds, haha.”
Rich Anderson, LucidPic Photography, www.lucidpic.zenfolio.com, by e-mail, 7/28/2012.