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2012 Favorite Images Critique ____ 2012/12

Red-necked Grebes from the kayak. Great bokeh, a lovely wash of out-of-focus color. Canon 5D III, 500mm f/4L @f/8, 1.4x, 1/640sec, iso800, subject distance: 67 ft.

At the start of 2012 I added three new cameras:  Canon 5D Mark III, Canon G1 X w/housing, GoPro Hero2. I also added a new lens, a Rokinon 24mm f/1.4. The 5D III’s improved autofocus gave me more bird photography

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2011 Favorite Images Critique ____ 2011/12

As I did last year, I’m posting my favorite images of 2011, with a story and critique about each shot. Briefly summing up the year, I shot more kayaking and scenics, and less birds. I also did more targeting of

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2010 Favorite Images Critique ___ 2011/01

I thought it would be instructive to look at some of my favorite 2010 images, with a story and critique about the shot. I worked the birds by kayak pretty well early in the year, and then got in some

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