Photo Tip: Scouting, Hurricane Ridge ____ 2013/08

In musing about the mixed success of my recent visit to Hurricane Ridge at Olympic National Park, Washington State, scouting looms large in capturing the best images. The third week in July reigns as “f/8 and be there” time for Hurricane Ridge. Big draws are the blacktail buck, mountain scenics, wildflowers—and as always at this […]

Photo Tip: Look Thrice; Shoot Once ____ 2011/10

Photographing Wildflowers I reviewed some wildflower scenics from my August, 2011, Olympic National Park shoots and was once again reminded of the old carpenter maxim “measure twice, cut once”.  The low cost of shooting digital removes the cost barrier to shooting, shooting, shooting. Why not make dozens of shots? Surely some will succeed. I get […]

Photo Tip: Weather, Whether ___ 2010/07

June, Olympic Peninsula, WA. With cool, wet weather dampening photography more than usual in our cool, wet NW climate, playing the weather plays a bigger than normal role in photographic outcomes. I’ve struck out often this spring trying to get saleable photos—clouds block the sun, backgrounds vanish in fog, rain ends a photo session. The […]