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Ode to Ephemeris____2015/10

Photographically, September was a good month. In part this was due to The Photographer’s Ephemeris, a free and popular outdoor photographer planning software. I’ve written about Ephemeris before, in 2012. It’s since evolved to be web browser and app-based, no

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Photo Tip: Scouting, Hurricane Ridge ____ 2013/08

Fawn capture from low-angle position. Canon 5D III, 500 f/4 @f/5.6,1/200s, ISO 800.

In musing about the mixed success of my recent visit to Hurricane Ridge at Olympic National Park, Washington State, scouting looms large in capturing the best images. The third week in July reigns as “f/8 and be there” time for

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Photo Tip: Frame It! ___ 01/2010

Camera and tripod instinctively pop out when we view a mountain sunset or ocean seascape. The tripod legs spread; we mount the camera, plug in the cable release and fire away. Later we inspect the photo and discover that it

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