Canon Custom Shooting Modes C1 C2 C3 ____ 2012/08

Nice sunset. When a buck passed by in the foreground, it could have been captured within the scene by zooming out a bit, followed by a quick switch to a wildlife-appropriate Custom Shooting mode. I had neglected that set-up, and I missed the shot. If you haven’t taken advantage of the Canon Custom shooting modes […]

Canon 5D Mark III: Autofocus (AI Servo) for Birds in Flight ____ 2012/05

Edited 5/16/2012 Re: Case 5 On a recent shoot with the Canon 5D Mark III, I was photographing a Yellow-rumped Warbler, hand-holding a 500mm f/4 from a kayak. Routine for me—and should be routine with the new 5D III—but the camera failed to pick up the bird. I was on the bird with a focus […]