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Lightroom 4 Spot Removal Tool Tutorial ____ 2013/02

Image 6. Male Flicker at the nesthole, after branch removal and dust spotting using the Lightroom 4 Spot Removal tool (plus prior adjustments).

I had an excellent photo op last spring: a flicker nest only fifteen feet above the ground, with a clear view, and just two miles from home.  Because I was wary of disturbing the skittish birds, I photographed just a

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Lightroom 2 Spot Removal (on steroids) ___ 02/2010

Finished image after clone and cropping is much stronger than original.

The Spot Removal tool introduced in Lightroom 2 was a nice feature, part of set of tools that allowed manipulation of individual pixels on RAW files. Almost coincidently, though, manufacturers introduced dSLR cameras with self-cleaning sensors that worked so well

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